Middletown Prevention Coalition

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To create a safe, healthy and drug free Middletown

Committee Mission

To mobilize and empower the Middletown community through action, education, support and collaboration to reduce risky behaviors and motivate youth and adults to safe and healthy lifestyles.

The Middletown Prevention Coalition (MPC) Goals

To reduce youth alcohol use in Middletown by decreasing access and availability of alcohol and increasing youth and adult perception of risk and harm of alcohol.

To reduce youth marijuana use in Middletown by decreasing access and availability of marijuana and increasing youth and adult perception of risk and harm of alcohol.

To build the capacity of the MPC and the community to reduce youth substance abuse, and in time, adult substance abuse.

To develop, implement and advocate for effective community-based prevention programs, policies and practices.

So What is “Prevention”?

The role of prevention is to create healthy communities in which people have a “quality of life”… healthy environments at work and at school; supportive communities and neighborhoods; connections with family/friends and drug and crime free communities.

“Prevention focusing on risk and protective factors is based on a simple premise: to prevent a problem, we need to identify factors that increase the risk of the problem developing. We then need to find ways that enhance protective or resiliency factors.” Risk factors and protective factors are the conditions in the community, family, school and individual’s environments that are known to increase or decrease the likelihood that a young person will engage in one or more problem behaviors, such as substance abuse, bullying, or dropping out of school.


Why do we look at these? The more risk factors youth face, the more likely the child is to have problems as an adult. Enhancing protective factors minimizes the problem behaviors. The MPC looks at our community through this lens so we can select activities, strategies and programs individualized to our Middletown needs.


MPC Membership

The MPC is a community based coalition comprised of individuals representing various public and private sectors of the Middletown community.  These sectors include: law enforcement; youth; religious or fraternal organizations; media; school; parents; civic or volunteer organizations; business; youth serving organizations; organizations involved in reducing substance abuse; health care; State, local governmental agency and other interested citizens.The “best practices” literature for community change states that all major sectors of a community need to be around the table in order to impact the norms around substance use and create true community change.

Members serving on the MPC shall be appointed by the Middletown Town Council.  As per the Town of Middletown’s Boards, Commissions and Committees Handbook, this committee “is strictly advisory to the Town Administrator and Town Council.  Committee and Commissions recommend to the Town Council or Town Administrator the actions they think should be taken on specific issues.”

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Middletown Prevention Coalition

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